KWONG IEE STEEL CO., LTD. founded in 1979, the factory located in Banqqiao City, Taipei County, Taiwan. We uphold the spirit of continuous development and seek for more progressive products and technology to establish a solid quality system and leading technology.

In 1992 the factory relocated to Guanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. As a professional manufacture seam and seamless steel pipe to supply market, in which the pursuit of ever-changing market, in order to effectively achieve high-quality, high-performance, and price rationalization.

In 1998 we enter the mainland market, the establishment GUANG MAY TUBE (Guangzhou) CORPORATION is in Guangdong province. Fast quick service for southern China mainland customers. Also uphold the spirit and purpose of KWONG IEE consistent.

In 2006, GRAND TECH Precision Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd was established in Thailand. Launched a new market strategy for the ASEAN market. We invest to buy all kinds of precision machinery and equipment, to ensure that our product quality and technology upgrading.

Furthermore, in December 2013 joint venture with listed companies in Taiwan MAYER STEEL PIPE CORPORATION into welded steel pipe manufacturing and processing of high-value steel pipe manufacturing. The factory produce the outside diameter of 12.00mm – 60.5mm, thickness 1.0 – 6.5mm of automotive and machining steel tubes, providing automotive parts precision machining use. In order to give fast service in Thailand and the ASEAN region customers.

1979                KWONG IEE STEEL CO., LTD. was established

1992                KWONG IEE STEEL CO., LTD relocated to Guanyin Industrial Park

1998                GUANG MAY TUBE CORPORATION was established

Jun, 2002       GUANG MAY TUBE CORPORATION obtained ISO-9001 qualification

Oct, 2002        KWONG IEE STEEL CO., LTD. obtained ISO-9001 qualification

2006               GRAND TECH PRECISION MANUFACTURING was established

2008               GRAND TECH PRECISION MANUFACTURING obtained  ISO-9001 qualification

2009               GRAND TECH PRECISION MANUFACTURING obtained  TS16949 qualification

2013                MAYER STEEL PIPE CORPORATION Shares into the capital. The total Investment became 385,500,000 Thai Baht

2014                GRAND TECH PRECISION MANUFACTURING obtained ISO-14001 qualification

2014               GRAND TECH PRECISION MANUFACTURING obtained OHSAS-18001 qualification